We are a dynamic, quality driven consultancy that adapts to each customer, ensuring a successful working relationship.
About Us

ETTHICS is an Independent International Management Consultancy firm, offering a wide range of services to clients across diverse markets around the World, covering both developed and developing countries, particularly in Europe, USA, Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and parts of Asia.

The dynamic, flexible, quality driven team at ETTHICS will adapt to your needs to maximize your business potential.

Our consultants are excellent senior professionals, offering expertise in many areas, such as Telecoms (both mobile and fixed networks, as well as devices), Medicine, Telemedicine and eHealth, Software (from mobile apps to large deployments), Information Technology, Sourcing and Procurement, Aviation, Automotive and Education.

International, quick and efficient. Our aim is to provide flexible quality services closely tailored to the way you work.

ETTHICS operates as four differentiated business units:
Our Mobile Device and Network division provides Homologations and Quality assurance services, as well as Strategy, Go-To-Market, RF and MVNO consultancy services.
Our Software Development Division provides software project services and application development (for Mobile Devices and M2M).
The IT Division brings together the skills and expertise to provide end-to-end IT and support solutions.
And our complete and exclusive Recruitment Division.
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