Services We Offer:
Mobile Services

Our extensive experience in the Mobile World, both from the Device Design and Development side as well as from the Network Operators' side. With extensive experience working with top tier manufacturers such as Ericsson (and SonyEricsson), Nokia, Motorola and Samsung, and top Mobile distributors and Network Operators in over 14 countries, gives us an all around, comprehensive experience that enables us to offer second to none advice and quality services in the industry.

We offer many different services in the mobile area, both for network operators and for mobile manufacturers and distributors that include:

- Mobile Device Selection and Homologation: Make sure your devices pass all our tests, whether field testing on the ground or lab testing in facilities available in three continents: America, Europa and Asia.

- Local Number Portability

- Go-To-Market strategy

- Sales Improvement

- Training

RF Services:

Our have RF Engineers and Consultants have extensive experience, particularly in Ericsson and Nokia systems and provide a wide range of top quality RF services such as:

  • -Network Performance Audit and improvement.
  • -Frequency planning services (such as Re-Farming).
  • -Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by assuring, as much as possible, service availability and reliability.
  • -Protect and increase revenue by improving service quality and availability, as a result of pro-actively detecting possible network service degradation.
  • -Reduce operating expenses by proactively identifying and fixing performance loopholes and getting the best out of the available network resources.
  • -OPEX Improvement: Networks need to operate at full efficiency with a minimal amount of maintenance to maximize the return on OpEx. To achieve this goal, we review customer requirements to define measurable objectives in terms of quality, capacity and cost, sharing risks and rewards.

  • Consulting Services include network audits, process audits, performance audits, business modelling, as well as vendor and technology evaluation.

Software Development

ETTHICS combines many years experience in the telecoms industry with our core expertise of system integration, business consultancy and outsourcing to provide bespoke software services.

We specialize in building real-time embedded systems for telecommunications (especially mobile handsets) and the automotive industries.

Our services include: Application development
Software maintenance
Application integration and enhancement

Drawing on our extensive software skills and unique database of professionals, we are able to provide development services for most platforms. Our ability to develop software solutions and enhance applications, provides our clients with a quick yet quality solution. Our sector knowledge is supported by our large pool of highly skilled engineers.

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We also have consultants available with extensive expertise in the world of MVNOs.

Whether you need the whole solution or just a part of it, we will be able to accommodate your needs and help you in the most efficient manner.


IT Services

Providing IT consultancy, outsourcing services to clients across diverse markets including telecoms, automotive industry, financial services, energy and utilities, as well as small local companies.

With in-depth expertise in the latest technologies and profound industrial knowledge, ETTHICS helps a wide range of customers , from the small business with their first network to multinational corporations.

Our company culture of customer service ensures that our clients' wishes are always our priority, providing professionalism and the best technological solutions for tangible business results to our clients, no matter what their size.

Companies need help understanding what solutions are possible, which applications are right for them and how they should prioritize their creation and use. We, at ETTHICS, make sure your needs are met and we will usually be able to exceed your expectations of how technology can benefit your company.

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We offer a total recruitment service to our clients starting with getting to know their business, searching for suitable candidates, interviewing them, negotiating salaries and placing them.

ETTHICS supplies permanent and contract expertise at all levels, from junior positions to senior management. We specialize in Telecommunications, Automotive and IT industries, with particular emphasis on embedded software and DSP, although we also provide for clients with other software specifications.

The first step is to find out your needs. Once your requirements have been defined, we use a number of different techniques to identity suitable candidates. These include searching our continuously updated database of potential candidates and networking our influential contacts within the industry. We will interview the short listed candidates and even run technical and personality tests to give you the best option. But our work does not stop here; we can also negotiate rates and conditions. We will then follow up on the performance of the employee to make sure you are satisfied.

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